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The Thing You'll Miss The Most

More than friends, closer than brothers....

15 September 1981
This is the fiction/writing journal for me a.k.a iamshadow. This is where to come if you want to read any fiction I've written. (My real-life journal is 90% friends-locked.)

As of 4/1/08, ALL fiction on this journal is unlocked.

This means USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Only click on and read stories you are legally allowed to access or feel comfortable reading. The headers clearly warn for rating, pairing and anything that may be major "squicks".

All characters depicted in my fiction in sexual situations are consenting adults.

Please go to the Housekeeping thread for information on navigation.

If you want to comment, please feel free, but you'll have to be logged in to do it. If you like my stories, please pass the word! Recs are love.

CLICK HERE to read All That We See or Seem on shadowfiction
CLICK HERE to read All That We See or Seem on TQP

CLICK HERE to read Machination on shadowfiction
CLICK HERE to read Machination on TQP

bestmatesawards 2007 wins:

Apples was also nominated for "Becoming Ron". This category was won by kerryblaze with her marvellous epic The Darkest Recesses of the Heart, which I recommend you all go and read right now.

bestmatesawards 2008 win:

At 2008_drabbles I placed:

- Best Full Table
Read the Drabbles here - One - Two - Three - Four

- Best Drabble for Silver

- Best Canon Compliant for Red

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