October 24th, 2015



This is the fic journal for iamshadow's fiction!

As of 4/1/08, ALL fiction on this journal is unlocked.

This means USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Only click on and read stories you are legally allowed to access or feel comfortable reading. The headers clearly warn for rating, pairing and anything that may be major "squicks".

All characters depicted in my fiction in sexual situations are consenting adults.

(Check out the banner! Isn't it shiny? Created by kath_ballantyne, credit for parchmenty backgroundy thingy to Shadow_Brushes and stock.xchng)

* To look at EVERYTHING I've written, go and look at the *Master List*, which is the post directly below this one. It has everything arranged by pairing and series. In *THIS POST* I talk about how to use it, although it's pretty self-explanatory.

* To find posts by more general parameters like fandom, ship, rating or mood, check out the right hand side of this journal and use the tags. You can also *CLICK HERE* to go to memories, which has the series and drabbles archived.

* A bit overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Try reading THIS THREAD, where I talk about my stories. (This only covers my series, though, not my oneshots or drabbles.)

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