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The Thing You'll Miss The Most
More than friends, closer than brothers....
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kath_ballantyne From: kath_ballantyne Date: December 23rd, 2007 03:46 am (UTC) (Link)
*doesn't have a trio icon on here any more. Damn the icon limits*

you know I love this.
I don't often comment as I've already read the fics and told you what I like and what I don't and what needs changing etc but I was so tired last night I don't think I got to say much.

I absolutely love the first paragraph. It's so how I would imagine things going. People would so think they've been at it for ages.

Like that night back in the dormitory when I caught myself watching Harry sleep, and found I couldn’t look away.
*dies* So beautiful. *hugs Ron and watches Harry sleep with him*
*scoff* Oh dear, that sentence can be read two ways. I meant it in the non-dirty way but it's true either way.

Or that moment in the library when I realised I secretly loved studying with Hermione sometimes, purely because of that annoyed crinkle she’d get in her nose when Harry and I were mucking about. She’d be trying her best to radiate disapproval, but that crinkle meant she was hiding a smile behind whatever mouldy old book she had her face buried in.
This is cute too. I have some issues with Hermione and the way she reacts to some things and I've let it get to me lately but I do love her too. And the trio goes so well together.

I love the interaction with Ginny. She's a smart girl and although she's always had a thing for Harry, she knows he's always been so bloody close to Ron.
(besides, this way she can end up with Oliver Wood, which is all kinds of hot in itself)

George was reduced to a pale shadow of his vivacious self. He barely spoke two words together and was disturbingly thin. Even his fiery hair seemed dull.
*wails* Should have expected Fredless!George in here but I didn't. *wibble*

Ohhh, the comforting each other after nightmares. *hugs them both*
*Loves this*

I slid into bed behind him and snuggled up close. We fit perfectly together; my knees tucking in behind his, his arse nestled between my hips and my torso curving to follow his spine. I gave one last little wriggle, my hand coming to rest lightly on his hip.
Oh god. *dies*
This is just... so so perfect.
*watches them sleep*

It wasn’t complicated, and it wasn’t confusing, and there was something so soothing about being curled up in each other’s arms from midnight till dawn that eased the misery of the waking hours.
This is such a beautiful sentence love. I can just *feel* it.
kath_ballantyne From: kath_ballantyne Date: December 23rd, 2007 03:47 am (UTC) (Link)
And then Hermione comes back. Yay for Ron and H. but poor Harry. *hugs him*
*whispers to him, you've always been three. You can still be three. It says Trio up the top of the story*

Oh and Ron is oblivious and Hermione knows everything and Harry is all self sacrificing and pulling away from everyone. This is all ssoooooo canon!!

“I know,” she repeated, “but Ron doesn’t and he should find out from you.”
Awwww so oww. *hugs them all*

“Know what?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Hermione, what’s going...?” I trailed off because Harry looked up at that moment. I stared right into his eyes and could see the pain and the guilt and the raw need there, naked and open, and I knew. And that knowing was so forceful that my heart skipped a beat, and I wondered how I ever could have missed it.
Guh, so powerful. Ron finally gets it.
And that’s when he kissed me.

His lips were soft and wet against mine, and it was Harry.
"and it was Harry" *happy sigh* I love when them being them means so much.

I was frozen. It felt like I was frozen forever. But then Hermione squeezed my hand reassuringly, and whispered, “It’s okay, Ron.” And that’s when I started kissing him back.
Go Hermione!! She ships H/R too. And we're all jealous because she also gets to join in.

I felt flushed with heat from head to toe and Harry and I were both panting when we broke the kiss.
Guh! Panting boys!

“And I love you, and Harry loves you,” Hermione answered, every word soothing. Her fingers were still gently stroking Harry’s face and hair, her other hand giving mine another squeeze. “And you love Harry,” she finished simply.
Yes makes sense. Just go with it guys. Don't worry about what every one else thinks. When have you ever stuck to the rules?

Hermione gave me a little smile. “You don’t have to, Ron. We can make this work, so long as we all look after each other, like we always have.”
There we go. See Hermione is the smartest witch of her age.

“I’m going to bed,” she said softly. “Take care of him, Ron. He needs you.”
Yes! Take care of him Ron. Always. He always needs you. You've always given him what he needs and been there for him. You're his Knight, his other, his Ron.

And that was the beginning.
Damn you. You did that on purpose. Fade to black sucks!!

After glaring at me and Harry so hard that I felt myself blush, she turned to Hermione and said in a loud whisper, “My dear, the baby...do you even know who...?”
Oh dear god. Like it matters. The witch is just jealous. Who wouldn't be. Hermione gets two gorgeous wizards who also love each other.

Right now, through the kitchen window, I can see Harry playing with our two year old daughter.
Sooo, so cute

I’ve just made a pot of tea, and I’m about to take a cup through to Hermione,
I really must thank Martha for the tea thing. I'd missed it.

Loved this. Had to say that again. Was so cute and I really felt it.
shadowfiction From: shadowfiction Date: December 23rd, 2007 04:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, love. I always value what you have to say about my writing, and I really enjoyed being able to read this and see for myself what you liked about this piece.

Damn you. You did that on purpose. Fade to black sucks!!

Yes, I did it on purpose, but you never know. I may write porny trio!Ron/Harry in the future at some point that fills in the blanks.
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