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The Thing You'll Miss The Most
More than friends, closer than brothers....
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shadowfiction From: shadowfiction Date: December 23rd, 2007 02:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I wanted to make this feel as natural as I could. I wanted Ron and Harry getting bound so much closer together in Hermione's absence, but that bond not superceding the love Ron has for Hermione.

And developing the physical aspect of their closeness before the sexual one was interesting. I so could have easily described them being intimate with touch, whether accidentally or on purpose, while sharing a bed, but I didn't want to. Or Harry giving himself away, or giving into temptation to say or do something.

I wanted that closeness to feel natural between them, untainted by sexual overtones. In the dormintories two boys in their late teens sleeping in the one bed would most certainly would have been remarked upon by others in a lewd fashion, but this isn't Hogwarts. It's the Burrow, and it's a very intense situation directly folllowing an enormous amount of trauma. Like Ron choosing to ignore the option to 'posture' about Ginny, they've both chosen to ignore any 'grown up' notion that they're too old to nestle together like children for comfort, because right now, it's what both of them need.

It was easiest to develop their bond by having Hermione go off to Australia, which she would have done, since it's mentioned in canon that she will do it if she survives the War. And as for the knowing, I think she'd suspected Harry's sexuality for a long while, but it wasn't until she came home and saw the way Harry acted around the pair of them that she knew for sure. So it wasn't *entirely* a surprise. And I'd imagine she spent the day before they confronted Harry watching he and Ron interact, confirming that *other* suspicion - that their love was mutual, and that Ron just hadn't recognised it for what it was, yet.

Harry felt terribly guilty about his longing for Ron, hence the pulling away. He questioned how much he needed the noctural comfort, and how much he did it out of a selfish desire to be close to Ron physically while not technically interfering in Ron and Hermione's relationship. He would be looking at his own motives as less than pure and feeling dreadful about it, wondering if they ever had been pure to begin with.

Whereas Ron, bless him, is just thinking about what Harry needs. Why would Hermione's reappearance have anything to do with how he comforts Harry and helps him through his nightmares? It's not like Hermione's going to be in his bed instead, not with his mum watching like a hawk! So to Ron's simple view of things, Harry is being an idiot, and deserved to be snuggled and told so.

I love the mental image I have of a mid-twenties Harry chasing a shrieking, madly giggling, curly red-haired toddler in circles around the backyard. He's such a sweet Daddy, and this little girl is his, regardless of the DNA.

And tea just reinforces the domesticity, and the warm fuzzies I get when I read it, so I had to put it in there.

Your comment is fine, love. I know *everyone* is busy this time of year. I was just hoping you got to read it before your trip because I didn't know if I could stand waiting to find out if you liked it!
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